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Sailboat Steering System Inspection and Maintenance

Tidewater Yacht Service is offering a Summer Sailboat Steering Inspection Special, good through September 2nd, 2016
Your Steering System is one of the most important Systems on your boat! It is also one of the most overlooked!
As with all mechanical systems used in the harsh marine environment, proper inspection and maintenance of the steering system is required  for long life and years of proper operation. Systems which have not been maintained and lubricated properly show signs of wear early and perform less than satisfactory. Therefore, it is important that all boats fitted with a chain and cable steering system get an annual inspection of the critical system parts and that routine maintenance guidelines are followed.
Tidewater’s steering service includes:
*Inspecting accessible quadrant, cables, chain and rudder stops
*Lubricating chain and accessible cable
*Properly tensioning cables if necessary
*Inspecting and lubricating any turning block sheaves
Summer Sailboat Steering Inspection Special Prices
(includes labor and materials)
Boats under 30 feet – $95.00 (Normally $115)
31 to 40 feet – $135.00 (Normally $165)
41-50 feet – $185.00 (Normally $225)
51 to 100 feet – $260.00 (Normally $315)
*Access to steering system components must be clear of stowed items or additional charges will apply

Summer Outdrive Service


To announce John R Smith III, Mercruiser Master Technician, joining our staff, Tidewater Yacht Service is offering a SUMMER MERCRUISER OUTDRIVE SERVICE SPECIAL.
Tidewater offers two levels of Mercruiser outdrive service, standard and deluxe, both of which are included in this special. Plus we are offering 50% off a short haul when paired with a drive service.

Standard Mercruiser Drive Service (minimum recommended annual service)
• Changing the gear lube and cleaning the reservoir bottle.
• Inspecting the gear lube for contaminates.
• Greasing fittings, pivot points, and gimbal bearing.
• Exterior inspection of drive shaft bellows, trim sender wiring, shift cable boot, and anodes.
Summer Special Price: $130.00 per drive and includes parts and labor.

Deluxe Mercruiser Drive Service (highly recommended annual service)

• All of the above Standard Drive Service items
• Pulling the prop(s), greasing the splines, and reinstalling.
• Removing the outdrive, greasing the coupler, checking engine alignment, and reinstalling.
• Visually inspecting the U-joint assembly, yoke assembly, gimbal bearing, shift assembly, and inside of drive shaft bellows for signs of water intrusion.
Summer Special Price: $210.00 per drive and includes parts and labor.

Special is valid only on Mercruiser outdrives and must be performed by September 2nd 2016.

Call our service advisers today to schedule your summer drive service! 410-625-4992 or click here to submit a service request online.

Free Thru-Hull Inspections

While you are on land, our ABYC certified technicians will give all of your thru-hulls a detailed look to help spot problems before they become big issues.

Call today and we will be happy to send you a quote!


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Splash Card


Tidewater customers can earn a splash card after the completion of any service with Tidewater Yacht Service that includes a Haul and Block. Splash cards are good for two years and entitle the holder to special discounts at Tidewater. To view the current discounts, check out our Splash Card Page!